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The rantings of a Disgruntled Swede

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Teorier om peronibloggen, skickligt framförda av Mich….    … Ett troll:










And when you talk to your plants, your plants talk back to you, right? Take those meds, boy, take those meds!


In Swedish…


Download it. Learn it. Write the screenplay, Peroni.


Ah, you’re off your meds again, eh?


Poor Peronis. Fixated on a blonde man in another land.

Meds? Did you take them this morning?

Micheal Flessas

By the way, make a section for yourself or change the title of your blog. Call it ”Coward’s Corner”.


First learn to think. Before that, however, learn to tell the truth and come down from your flights of useless fancy.

Postat den 2011/02/06 kl. 4:45 e mImagine. All the kids in Katrineholm sitting around studying math on iPads or netbooks or whatever instead of getting into trouble. Bravo. I’m pleased the effort was made to get Katrineholm involved in ”Mattecoach på nätet” (http://www.mattecoach.se/) and so whomever made the call to the college involved here in Katrineholm to get the ball rolling on this gets a tip of the hat. Nicely done. (No, I cannot take credit for that call to the college. That’s somebody else. They did a good thing and I really am pleased for them. All I did was, as I’ve written before, was rage and complain about not enough being done to get kids excited about math and the need to get them to use their minds more.)
Postat den 2011/02/06 kl. 4:13 e mHere. Something very good for Katrineholm. @Kommunchef mentions it on his Twitter site:http://www.mattecoach.se/From the site: ”Mathcoach online is a project where pupils receive math help from teacher students during the evenings, via Windows Live Messenger. The service is open for all pupils from 12 to 20 years old and adult education at upper-secondary level.” (They should extend the age range in time to include adult learners beyoud the age of twenty but perhaps that will come in due time.)I’ve been after them about focusing on math ”forever” in this town. Good that they are going in that direction. What I’d like to see is that Katrineholm gets know for it’s education system because education is the cornerstone of everything good in life.
cc@ccch.it Postat den 2011/02/06 kl. 4:03 e mTack. Now you can feel free to open up.There’s something I’m not sure you understand; then again, perhaps you do. In this town, there is a problem. The wrong folks control what goes on here and their method of governing is putting Katrineholm in a deeper and deeper hole on different levels (educationally, financially, and so on). Your life may be wonderful. All too the good. Nevertheless, this town is failing; at least, things could be so much better if you had people who really were concerned about the welfare of this town and not their own wallets. As for the Ayn Rand thing, the primary reason for mentioning Rand-and getting the Swedish version of her novel ”Atlas Shrugged” put on the shelf in the library-is to get people who grown up under one system-the socialist ”People Home” system-to see that things have gotten out of hand and government locally is not doing a good job with the resources it has. I think that somewhere between Rand’s point of view and the point of view of Katrineholm’s current crop of politicians lies a better way.Now, you seem to have been concerned about my role in this town. I have no ambitions for becoming a politician. None at all. I can’t be a politician. Health issues won’t allow and my Swedish language skills won’t allow it. Furthermore, I think access to political power has a corrupting element to it and I don’t want to be around such.I hope clears up some matters for you. I hope you will also remember that it is difficult to deal with folks who think they know best when their life experience and education both at the university level and professionally is not sufficient to facilitate overcoming various problems that are ever gathering here in Katrineholm. I call it the arrogance of ignorance and too many of our politicians suffer from it.Let’s hear more about your travels and such. Be a man. You’re too old to be a goofball forever.


Get Rich Or Die Trying
Postat den 2011/01/28 kl. 7:32 f m
Peroni: Immoral moralist whose agenda stems from envy of the rich intelligent enough to read the tax code. 😉

Ye Old Skull and Bones
Postat den 2011/01/26 kl. 11:25 e m

By the way, your little ”joke” about 9/11 wasn’t particularly funny.
A friend of mine was a victim passenger on the first plane that struck the WTC. I realize you are a classless little shit-that’s why I address you as I do sometimes-but try not to step so low that that only an amoeba could piss on you to put out the flames if you were on fire. (It’s a figure of speech; don’t start up with mindless critiques
about the anatomy of amoebas stemming from your first hand knowledge from standing beneath

Now, I’m not sure who you are but if you ever see me, don’t talk to me face-to-face because I don’t want to be seen around trash like yourself, understand me, kid? Yes, in my book, no matter what your age, you’re just apunk kid. And as for folks like MJ at GK, well, he’s nearly in the same category. Civil discourse long gone and over and out.

Ye Old Skull and Bones
Postat den 2011/01/26 kl. 8:02 e m

Re: 4: It’s called civil discourse. You asked a question without answering the
question first asked of you. To expect me to first answer your question without answering mine first is the mark of an childish interlocutor, namely, you. To put it another way, it’s a form of ”hit and run” presented as a question. Unless I’m amused by my interlocutor’s tactic, I don’t usually allow that sort of ploy to pass.

Questions: On a scale of one to ten with ten being superlative and one being awful, how do you rate Mr. Jansson’s performance thus far as kommunchef?
How about Göran Dahlström’s (S) performance as lead politician?
Postat den 2011/01/23 kl. 11:12 e m
Ah, sorry. I won’t be able to meet you at the library.

Now, ”enjoy” your blog. Remember, however, time is precious.
Are you wasting your time with it?

Hail Pucko
Postat den 2011/01/23 kl. 9:40 e m

Did you ever imagine that my making so many stupid comments on your blog was…

No, I don’t think I’ll let you in on it….
Then again, well, OK…

It’s called ”graffiti”. By creating even a whole section of rants,
you defaced your own blog. PERFECT!

You can take this comment away if you wish. I’ve already screen captured it
and am about to send it on to those laughing at you. I told them I’d get
you to do something like this. LOL! So long, kiddo. Ding!

Postat den 2011/01/22 kl. 1:38 e m

LOL! L.(oser)N(obody).,thank you! I get a category all to myself! Yay! You
are welcome to continue to follow after me;
indeed, you whole blog is one big chemtrail sucking tribute
to me because you’ve not one original thought in your re-cycling empty head.
So typical of one-yourself-who has spent so much of his time drafting
behind the asses-Did I hear you go ”shwing”?-of other men! LOL!

den 2011/01/22 kl. 2:58 e m

Peroni, why don’t you use my real name? What’s holding you back?
Let it fly, fly, fly, fly, fly! Be free, Peroni.

 :::: ubfree
Postat den 2011/01/22 kl. 3:05 e m

Have you ever noticed how curious the letter ”z” looks.
Here, look at this…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Amazing. I find it amazing at least.

Tips: Check your computer for spyware once a week.
Change your passwords too. Make sure you protect your
computer against wardriving on your unsecured Wi-Fi
connection. Use Tor and Onion.
Change around and use various proxy servers.
(Even with all that, however, yes, even with tunneling,
folks can discover your IP address leading back to your computer.)

::::go ahead
Postat den 2011/01/22 kl. 3:57 e m
I want to be clear with you, Peroni. You and I both know that I
know who you are. It’s precisely your ”type” that I would like
to see removed from any influence whatsoever in this town.
There are folks here that control this town for their own nefarious
purposes and have kept people under their thumb for years.
It’s time for that to stop. Even you ploy-and it is a ploy-pretending to
be the immigrant advocate is bullshit. You don’t like immigrants, at least,
immigrants that will not kiss your ass.
You are anti-democratic while pretending to be democratic and what is really
terrible is that you are in league with a handful of folks in this town that are,
as it were, supporting your efforts. In the end, you will lose. It’s just a matter
of time and that’s what concerns. I understand that but there is nothing you can
do to stop someone whose primary concern is to see that your duplicity is rooted out
from power in this town.

Now, go ahead and use my name. Do it. I am asking you to do it.
The reason being is because there’s no need to dangle your threat
in front of me as if I am concerned that you will use my name.
Go ahead. I want you to go for it. Then see if it bothers me because it won’t.
So, once again, do it.
::::Postat den 2011/01/18 kl. 9:44 f m

Why the need to rant on SJ?


::::0 #  sjisbest
Postat den 2011/01/18 kl. 12:31 f m

Since you are the friend and supporter of all immigrants-including
myself-would translate that bag for me old fellow?
It seems you are upset with SJ. Why? What have they done to you?
Maybe you need help?


::::0 #
Postat den 2011/01/17 kl. 10:08 e m

That ”for”, dude. My bad.


::::4 # how
Postat den 2011/01/17 kl. 10:07 e m

Here it is: ”fas 3-fängelset”. Can you translate this into English four after
all, you are a pal to all of us immigrants, are you not? Help a bro out, dude.

::::4 # how
Postat den 2011/01/17 kl. 10:05 e m
Can you translate this? I think you changed what you wrote. Would you do such a thing?


::::4 # how
Postat den 2011/01/17 kl. 10:03 e m
how #comment-569  :

Do you work at Gröne Kulle? Do you work at the library? I think you have to answer if you are a government employee. Maybe not. I don’t know.
Can you check it?

Interesting, no?


::::0 #  Wow
Postat den 2011/01/17 kl. 10:00 e m

What prompted you to design that? It’s so, um,
interesting. I am impressed. Really.


::::0 # who
Postat den 2011/01/17 kl. 9:56 e m

What an interesting thing. Amazing. Truly. Wow!


::::0 # what
Postat den 2011/01/17 kl. 9:54 e m

Did you create that bag yourself? That’s amazing. You are an amazing person!
Have you thought about becoming a politician?


::::0 # hello
Postat den 2011/01/17 kl. 9:40 e m

Can you explain this? I don’t understand. How high is up?


::::0 # hello
Postat den 2011/01/17 kl. 9:38 e m

Do you know Latin or you just grabbing phrases online
and pretending you know Latin.
If the latter, do you think this makes you appear brilliant?
You are already brilliant. Skip the Latin.
It merely confuses dumb animals such as myself.
What do you think? I am dumb, no?


::::3 #
Postat den 2011/01/17 kl. 9:36 e m

Do you not like SJ? Why not? Are they not trying to do their
very best? What is it that dissatisfies you so? Are you merely
disgruntled. Was someone not nice to you?
Do you like soccer? Have you played much soccer?
I don’t understand the fascination people have with the game.
What’s what wrong with me? I must find out.
It is a strange thing to see people running up and down a field
chasing a ball. What do you think?

::::2 #
Postat den 2011/01/17 kl. 9:27 e m

This is amazing. You are brilliant. Did you go to art school?
It reminds me of the fear I feel when I read your blog.
Yes, your blog scares me. I feel threatened by it. Even so,
it is fascinating.

::::0 #
Postat den 2011/01/17 kl. 9:24 e m

I think you like poetry. Here’s a poem. No, I did not write it.
Hope you like it nonetheless…

Daffodils – a poem by by William Wordsworth

I wandered lonely as a cloud
That floats on high o’er vales and hills,
When all at once I saw a crowd,
A host, of golden daffodils;
Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

Continuous as the stars that shine
And twinkle on the milky way,
They stretched in never-ending line
Along the margin of a bay:
Ten thousand saw I at a glance,
Tossing their heads in sprightly dance.

The waves beside them danced, but they
Out-did the sparkling leaves in glee;
A poet could not be but gay,
In such a jocund company!
I gazed—and gazed—but little thought
What wealth the show to me had brought:

For oft, when on my couch I lie
In vacant or in pensive mood,
They flash upon that inward eye
Which is the bliss of solitude;
And then my heart with pleasure fills,
And dances with the daffodils.
::::2 #
Postat den 2011/01/17 kl. 9:21 e m

Pardon me but what is ”Pax Vobiscum”? Is that like smallpox?
It’s dreadful to think you would wish smallpox on me. Why would
you say that? Are you being mean. Evil? Surely that’s not nice. You
do wish to be nic do you not? It’s important to be nice especially
to dumb animals such as myself.

….2 #
Postat den 2011/01/17 kl. 9:18 e m

By the way, do you know our kommunchef? Have you met him?

….0 # .
Postat den 2011/01/17 kl. 9:17 e m

Would you translate this for me? I know you are very
intelligent and want to help dumb animals such as myself.
I am very stupid. Some would say ”intense” AND stupid.
A bad combination indeed. Help a bro out.

Postat den 2011/01/17 kl. 9:15 e m

Tell you what, how about translating it into English for,
as you know, I’m not very intelligent. Help a bro out, mmmkay?

::::4 #
Postat den 2011/01/17 kl. 9:12 e m

”Free your mind (of Peroni) and your ass will follow”? Peroni,
that’s a contradiction. If by freeing my mind my ass will follow
how do I free my ”ass”, (i.e., my ”little shadow”, i.e., YOU)
whose attention is often on me? No, I think one must get to the
”bottom” of this for if you are a Katrineholm government employee,
or friends of a local politician, I’d like to know. Heck, even if you
are not such, I’d like to know.

::::2 #
Postat den 2011/01/15 kl. 11:30 e m

It would interesting to see how you’d like bullbakning at,
oh, say…San Quentin?

::::4 #
Be Cool, Fool
Postat den 2011/01/15 kl. 8:20 e m

The photo you’ve put up seems to indicate you have
violent tendencies. How sad. Maybe you can ask the
Katrineholm chief librarian to help you find a book
to overcome those violent tendencies?


::::0 # .
Postat den 2011/01/15 kl. 7:48 e m