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24 januari 2011 / Peroni


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  1. The Matter At Hand / Jan 25 2011 2:42 f m

    Yes, I’ll bet you’re saying your thanks. See, the problem was-as with many a professional-you relied to much on your own cleverness and spoke too much thus giving yourself away. The other mistake you made is ”dancing” in front of your client. Showing off, so to speak. Now, just to prove that I know who you are-you’re clever enough to pick up on this because you told me elements of what not so cryptically follows…I hope I have your attention or are we still at a deficit? Get it? I’m sure you did. And just to make sure that you know that I know, did you know that one of my favorite authors is Gerry Spence? If you don’t know the name instantly, you’ll understand once you’ve looked him up online.

    Now, given your new status-I’m feeling charitable-I’ll say no more on your blog but keep this in mind-not that it matters to you-when we’ve spoken over the phone, I thought you were a pleasant fellow with good intentions towards the people of this town. Now I see that you’re just another locust who has come to town to get his fill, pump the egos of the locals, and contribute nothing of value to this town that will help all people equally as opposed to your masters. You’ve deluded yourself with your own bullshit. This too is typical of a certain profession and it takes neither a judge nor a jury to figure that out.

  2. Öl / Jan 25 2011 10:50 f m

    What’s this fascination some folks seem to have about this beer? ”Peroni-Öl från Italien”. –> http://blogg.aftonbladet.se/grynboll/2007/06/449440

  3. Peroni / Jan 25 2011 11:32 f m

    ”I’ll say no more on your blog…”*

    *Ett löfte som stod sig i…
    …nästan 8 timmar. 😉

  4. Öl / Jan 25 2011 5:04 e m

    Different ”I”. 😉

  5. Öl / Jan 25 2011 5:11 e m

    Regarding a different ”I”: I’m referring to what P.D. Ouspensky wrote in his book ”Psychology of Man’s Possible Evolution”. You’ll get the point after reading it. Look for the diagram of man’s multiplicity of ”I’s” or selves. ”We” are a mixture of all sorts of contradictory selves and, once you grasp that, you’ll realize just how full of ”shit” you are-here, I’ll ”contradict” myself and give in to your wishes-MR. Peroni. Besides, here in Sweden relativism rules. There are no absolutes, except, of course when it suits the speaker. It’s the post-modern way of non-thinking thinking.

    Back to school, kiddo,er, MR. Peroni (who is too afraid to reveal his name and to show his errors in thought after being caught).

  6. Öl / Jan 25 2011 5:13 e m

    Reveal your name, coward. Go ahead, I dare you. Show that Viking courage.

  7. Öl / Jan 25 2011 6:47 e m

    Read this, MR. Peroni…


    Notice what’s written about suppression of evidence. On a lesser scale certainly, you suppress certain criticisms of your writings when you make an error. So, though you wish to appear as if you are supportive of people’s rights-I’m speaking of immigrant rights-you play the game of suppression. Basically, you are a thug of the mind. In other words, you are no more moral than the people who you criticize. So, where’s your conscience? I’ll tell you. It’s up your behind.

  8. Peroni / Jan 25 2011 7:11 e m

    Now, here´s a link for you to follow, brother:

    And,since you are the brightest pea in the pod:

    -I confess, I am (the talking)head of The Illuminati, I did order
    the 9/11, AND ”Freemason” is my middle name…

    …You were right all this time.


  9. Öl / Jan 25 2011 10:43 e m

    Even if I were the dumbest pea in the pod I would know that your connection to the Illuminati is only as close as the keys on your keyboard as you peck away with your beak.

    By the way, the phrase is ”You were right all THE time.” See, what you’ve written is akin to saying ”You were right about one plus one equaling two in a base ten number system THIS time but last time, despite one plus one equaling two in a base ten number system and your providing the correct answer of two, you were incorrect.” No, it’s always correct given the limitations therein and the same response.

    Poor Peroni.

  10. Öl / Jan 25 2011 10:50 e m

    Here, MR. Peroni, follow the link and read:


    Notice where we-we Swedes-are on the list. Yes, behind some other countries. I have a solution for moving Sweden up the list to the top. You should volunteer to leave Sweden. 😉

  11. Peroni / Jan 26 2011 12:11 f m

    Leave Sweden?

    Sorry. No-can-do. Not since you cursed me
    with wolf-droppings and the ”plague” of ”not
    ever leaving Karineholm”. But, then again, maybee
    that was a different you?


  12. Öl / Jan 26 2011 4:20 f m

    Ja, MR. Peroni! Exactly! You’re starting to catch on!

    One thing more: I won’t correct your spelling errors. Let’s consider your misspellings-you called it ”multi-tasking”- ”modifications” leading towards ”the new Swedish”. Let’s leave the ”maybee” (sic) as it is. Yes, this is the new Sweden and your name-besides being MR. Peroni-is Alice. You know, like girl in the Lewis Carroll story. Contradictions, misspellings, general rudeness, cowardice, and hypocrisy all have their ”valuable place” in public discourse so long as the masses approve and all is given an imprimatur by the ”just-plain-folks” sitting above the ground floor at that seat of knowledge and general wisdom called Gröne Kulle.

  13. Öl / Jan 26 2011 4:37 f m

    Oops! Like THE girl in the Lewis Carroll story. Wait! This is the new Sweden. I don’t need to correct anyone. Certainly I don’t need to correct myself!

    All hail MR. Peroni! Yippee!

  14. Öl / Jan 26 2011 5:06 f m

    Peroni-damn, there goes my memory-MR. Peroni, do you ever have a serious thought about specific actions or principles to invoke to improve Katrineholm? It’s one thing to play fools here but it’s basically a waste of time. Now, as you may know, @kommunchef has done a reasonable job of taking my ”persuasions”-ok, let’s be straighforward; my bitching and complaining-to get Katrineholm on the road with social media and improvements to the Katrineholm.se website (although he writes about himself a bit too much but such are the errors of young men seeking approval and in need of confidence). Even the elderly library chief here in Katrineholm has put up three useful blogs at my suggestion; OK, bitching and complaining that it should have been done long ago when I suggested it. But now I’m asking you: What can you do to improve Katrineholm other than playing the fool to get people’s attention?

  15. Öl / Jan 26 2011 5:08 f m

    Oops, that’s ”straightforward”. Damn, I’m getting old. Eyesight and attention failing daily.

  16. Öl / Jan 26 2011 5:23 f m

    I just seem to always go on and on and on. So, MR. Peroni, allow one more thought. Barack Obama gave a speech that I think is worth your reader’s attention. It’s a good speech. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to read it. The same high goals he sets in the speech should inspire Katrineholmians. You see, though we are Swedes, good ideas and inspiration come from all over the world. It’s something some folks in Sweden should remember before they start thinking that we immigrants are the problem here in Sweden.


  17. Peroni / Jan 26 2011 11:16 f m

    Får väl ta till svenskan då´rå.
    Samtidigt som jag roat, noterar att du är tvungen att
    korrigera ditt eget språk, engelskan, i typ,
    vartannat inlägg.

    Ser också att du är missnöjd med mina ämnesval.
    Du ”tar mig i örat”, och berättar, pedagogiskt som alltid,
    för mig vad jag bör skriva om, i stället.

    Vänligt av dig, minst sagt.
    Tyvärr så måste jag avstå.

    Avslutningsvis: Jag tror att du, understundom, har en tendens
    att överdriva din personliga roll i andra personers göranden
    och låtanden. Att du har ”ringt upp någon” eller haffat dem,
    i förbifarten på någon av stadens gator, uttalat dina idéer om
    hur sociala medier och/eller biblioteket bäst skall skötas, är
    nog tämligen betydelselöst.

    Betydelselöst är också vad jag skriver här på peronibloggen.
    Jag är ingen världsförbättrare. Ingen Messias. Min karisma, om
    jag har en sådan, spiller jag enbart över dem som vill ha den.
    Att läsa en blogg är, som du säkert känner till, ett aktivt val.
    Precis som att avstå.

    Vilket jag starkt rekommenderar dig att göra.
    För din egen skull, alltså.

    Du blir ju så upprörd. ,)

  18. Oh? / Jan 26 2011 1:26 e m

    1) Peroni, sometimes things get done because one person initiates a process with e-mails, phone calls, composes their thoughts in a blog, or engages in conversations long before others jump on the bandwagon. I’ve exaggerated nothing with regards to what I wrote regarding computing. You assume too much about that for which you know too little about the matter or are trying to diminish it because you’ve a reason to diminish it. (By the way, have you noticed how sometimes Socialdemokraterna in Katrineholm acknowledge their friends and diminish the role of others who do not agree with them and kiss their behinds? Interesting tactic. The problem with it is that it can backfire. I won’t say how. You’ll find out eventually.)

    2) With regard to my native language: My errors are corrected and cited once found. You hide your errors frequently from public view. (Good, however, that you left your ”maybee” (sic) above.)

    3) Questions: Are you related to a politician here in Katrineholm? Do you know anyone who works at Gröne Kulle?

  19. Peroni / Jan 26 2011 1:48 e m

    1: Helt rätt. Saker och ting kan sättas i rörelse
    på det sätt du beskriver. Detta motsäger inte mitt
    antagande om din ”roll” i stadens utveckling.

    Detta sagt utan någon som helst ambition att
    förminska vare sig dig eller din personliga uppfattning
    i frågan.

    2: Jag kan inte påminna mig att så skulle ha skett.

    3: Frågor: Känner du någon som flugit med Airforce One?
    (Pardon my English!)

    Är du släkt med George Walker Bush?

    Med detta avslutas mitt deltagande i … eh,
    denna vår pajkastning. Tack för dina synpunkter.

    Lev väl!

  20. Eye In The Sky / Jan 26 2011 4:27 e m

    1) False dichotomy AND a straw man argument! You’re on a roll. Nice try; didn’t work for you.

    2) Translate your response to number two above. I don’t quite understand the sentence.

    3) I asked you a question first. Answer the question directly. No skipping away from the question. (No, I don’t know either Bush I or Bush II; never voted for either one of ‘em.)

    4) I’m throwing questions you’re trying to avoid.

    5.) Are you Katrineholm’s kommunchef or are you Katrineholm’s chief librarian? Someone else?

  21. Peroni / Jan 26 2011 7:23 e m

    !: Jag skulle aldrig tillgripa en ”falsk dikotomi”
    i en pajkastningsduell med vår lilla stads klarast lysande stjärna.
    -Ditt abstrakta tänkande är alldeles för utvecklat för
    en, så pass naiv debatt-teknik.

    2:”Number two”? Translation? OK:
    That´s the brown stuff.
    You know – ”Brown goes down!”
    (Pardon my lousy English!)

    3:”I asked you a question first.”
    -What is this? Kindergarten?
    (Pardon my English.)

    4:Du kan ställa frågor till dess att
    kossorna kommer hem. Är jag dig svaret skyldig?

    Svar: Nej. Det. Är. Jag. Inte.

    5: -Non si sa mai!

    :::: :::: :::: :::: :::: ::::

    Och igen:
    -Nu får du ge dig.

    Har du fler frågeställningar i detta ärende,
    arkiveras dessa under rubriken ”Rantings”.
    -Så det så!


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