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29 oktober 2010 / Peroni

Yey! Ewa C. fortsätter…

…som oppositionsråd i Kattne.
”Jag är jätteglad. Det känns jättebra”, säger hon
i en kommentar.

Ännu gladare  är nog  Firma Dahlström/Härnström.
Av lätt insedda skäl.



6 kommentarer

  1. A Question / Nov 1 2010 9:20 e m

    A word to the wise. it is worthless to pick and poke at these people unless you are willing to provide them with alternatives to their actions. You don’t do much of that, at least, not here. Start providing these folks with solutions. The goal is not merely to ”jab” at them. The goal is to make Katrineholm a ”shining city” albeit next to railroad tracks.

    Have you read ”The Psychology of Man’s Possible Evolution” by P.D. Ouspensky? Answer the question seriously. If not, we’re done here…for sure.

  2. Peroni / Nov 2 2010 11:35 f m

    Det är nog så, att mina mål, inte nödvändigtvis,
    sammanfaller med dina. Peronibloggen är heller inte
    en förmedlare av alternativ, jag nöjer mig med att
    notera absurditeter/glädjeämnen.
    Samt förbehåller mig rätten att
    le, gråta, jubla, satirisera, ironisera fritt
    kring nämnda absurditeter/glädjeämnen – helt efter
    eget skön.

    Katrineholm kan nog bli en ”Shining City”,
    oavsett mina ordkråkor.

    Och/eller dina.

  3. In Reply / Nov 2 2010 1:48 e m

    Oh, OK, what the hell! I was not drinking when I wrote what I wrote above. Now, I’m back on the bottle (no, a three liter wine box). Sorry about that. A temporary moment of sanity. No more of that shit! Sanity sucks!

    Besides, if Katrineholm could be a shining city, it should have been done already. It’s going in the other direction anyway with the fuckers running this place as they do. On the other hand, a train wreck may not be pretty but it’s always interesting to watch. I see one every day when I look in the mirror at myself. Bravo to train wrecks!

    Just for the fun of it, go fuck yourself!

  4. Peroni / Nov 2 2010 5:09 e m

    Va bene.

    Good luck brother, on your upcoming
    anger management-session.

    Regarding your box of wine:
    Sláinte, l’chaim & na zdrowie!


  5. A Wish 4 U / Nov 2 2010 5:42 e m

    Don’t read too much into the text. Besides, I don’t believe in anger management courses. I believe in ”letting it all hang out” courses. Primal scream therapy…and drinking. Lots and lots of drinking.

    Peronina, my heartfelt wish for you: may your dreams be always awful. May you be the last person out of Purgatory and may wolves shit copiously on your grave. Last but not least: may you never-no, not ever-leave Katrineholm!

  6. Peroni / Nov 2 2010 5:52 e m

    Grazie mille.

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