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22 oktober 2010 / Peroni

Inte ”invandrare”

Någon skjuter människor.
I Malmö.

Inte invandrare.

Låt oss gemensamt avstå från att
segregera ända in i döden.

Vi är, borde vara, större än så.


8 kommentarer

  1. K-hole Wall o' Shame / Okt 22 2010 10:39 e m

    Good. You woke up (somewhat). Those of us who were born overseas and are now Swedish citizens ARE human beings. You might say, Peroni, we immigrants are not going to take any ”shit” off any native born Swede just for the sake of civility and going along to get along. Sonny Barger-a philosopher in many respects-once wrote, ”Treat me good, I’ll treat you better; treat me bad, I’ll treat you worse.” I think this is a decent rule by which to live and for those who would initiate shit against immigrants simply because we are from other countries, well, one would be wise to take Mr. Barger’s words to heart. There are many of us immigrants here in Sweden who have taken enough shit for too long and it’s going to stop one way or another. I suggest that N.B.S’s (Native Born Swedes) consider taking the higher road because the lower road-the one to perdition-bears an unimaginable cost.

  2. Peroni / Okt 22 2010 11:39 e m

    Ok. Så här är det:

    Jag (Peroni) är ”listad”,i Sverige, som ”invandrare.”
    Så ditt: ”Good. You woke up (somewhat)”, känns
    aningen malplacerat.

    Att du dessutom, tidigare idag, spelade ut rasistkortet#,
    torde ju enbart falla tillbaks på dig själv.
    Google Translate lämnar,som du säkert vet,”en hel del i övrigt att önska”.

    #Du har nog missat faktor ett (1).

    Peroni = Anti xenofob-bloggen extraordinaire!


  3. K-hole Wall o' Shame / Okt 23 2010 7:15 f m

    No, Peroni, some of your slashes at the USA at my expense are indicative of a certain mindset that irrationally dislikes the foreign for being foreign. Furthermore, you claim you are listed as ”invandrare”. Which country? It is one thing to be from Norway (cultural and linguistic ties) and another thing to be from a country an N.B.S. (Native Born Swede) looks down upon because they have a sense of superiority due to, for example, technology or, in the worst cases, skin color, or, given their criticism of the USA, because they have been brainwished by the Left since Olaf Palme (S)-while, on the other hand, sending their kids to the USA for ”seasoning” and education, not mention financial opportunities (when it was really a great country for making a dollar and not burdened with its present level of debt due to misguided fiscal and foreign policy).

    Furthermore, it all too often the case that N.B.S. publicly play the Great White Father role while privately wishing foreigners would go back to the country from which they came. It is simply N.B.S double morality. A case of being two-faced. This ”two facedness” has been the Swedish model for survival since, so far as I know, World War II and continues to this day. To say the least, this duplicity leaves one with a sense of disappointment. I didn’t like it in the USA when I found it and don’t like it here. We, all Swedes-and I consider myself first a Swede because I chose to be a Swede; it wasn’t accident of birth (though, as you rightly point out, my language skills leave much to be desired even after living here for many years)-must try harder to be more inclusive of diversity in actual practice here at home.

    You would make your case better if you came out of the blogging closet and told people who you are. If they know you, they can judge for themselves whether or not your claim of not being xenophobic matches your real-life behavior. You lose ”moral authority” by hiding. Courageous people who have moral authority don’t hide. You’re hiding because you are afraid of losing something and that is much to be pitied for it says something about your character or your concern about social condemnation by peers. Kindly confirm this much: Have we ever met face-to-face at the Katrineholm public library and/or do you work there?

  4. Peroni / Okt 23 2010 9:49 f m

    1:Jag efersträvar ingen ”moral authority”.

    2:Om jag i hastigheten skulle ha råkat förolämpa
    ”the USA”, får jag ödmjukt be ”the USA” om ursäkt.

    3:Vilket land? Vi kan väl nöja oss med att det är
    tillräcklgt exotiskt för att rendera mig epitetet
    ”Svartskalle”. Nöjd så?

    4:Dina svepande generaliseringar ang. ”N.B.S.”, den svenska
    ”vänsterrörelsen” och ”hjärntvätt”, visar på det uppenbara:
    Grov förenkling och,i viss mån, historielöshet.
    ”Gå till läggen!”

    5:Nope. Vi har inte träffats ”face to face”.
    Och nope. Jag jobbar inte på biblioteket.

    -Bibliotekarier tjänar alldeles för lite pengar.

  5. K-hole Wall o' Shame / Okt 23 2010 11:31 f m

    Re: Point 4. Yes, it is a sweeping generalization. One sweeping generalization deserves another until the first party who generalized backs down. I only throw it back at you because weak minds like yours use sweeping generalizations as a matter of habit. You get what you toss out back at you and, for that matter, so do N.B.S. who generalize about immigrants.

    You still lack courage though. What are you afraid of losing? Tell your audience who you are and then take your stand. Otherwise, you are simply…what’s the phrase…a coward. Will you admit to being cowardly?

    Lastly, OK, not a librarian. Never have met me face-to-face. Have you met MJ face-to-face? Are you a consultant of some sort? (This is getting to be like ”What’s My Line?”-look it up on YouTube in case you are unfamiliar with the old show.) One can never trust your claims about yourself until and unless you come out of the closet.

  6. PhereinNikê / Nov 2 2010 11:22 e m

    Hahaha! Härligt att läsa trådarna som utvecklades till något som kanske inte riktigt hörde hemma under själva inlägget. Ville bara tacka för det fina inlägget och ber om att få överföra det som citat till min egen blogg? (Givetvis ska jag hänvisa till dig på denna adressen!!!)

    Dessutom undrar jag om du heter Peroni eller har döpt bloggen efter något annat? Råkar nämligen tycka om en särskild italiensk öl med samma namn!

    Aja, tack för mig i alla fall! 🙂

  7. Peroni / Nov 3 2010 10:47 f m

    Hej Veronica.

    Bloggens namn – Yup, efter birra Peroni.
    Och visst: Du får mer än gärna använda dig
    av nämnda inlägg.

    Tack för din kommentar!

  8. PhereinNikê / Nov 6 2010 3:27 e m

    Grymt, tack! 🙂

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