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22 oktober 2010 / Peroni


(Peroni sponsrar lokal foliehatt.)

En kyld dryck lindrar ju ett överhettat sinne.
…Och förbättrar  (i någon mån)  läsförståelsen
-också hos den på gränsen till obildbare.

Så: Väl bekomme!

One Comment

  1. K-hole Wall o' Shame / Okt 22 2010 4:50 e m

    Cooling the mind is no problem for you because you don’t have a mind. Besides, ”Punko”, I don’t take advice from people who will not use their real names. Stop being a wimp. Go and-What’s the phrase with which you are well familiar?-OUT yourself. Show us some Viking toughness (alas, there’s isn’t any left in Sweden). No, it’s not enough that you like-You’ll know this phrase well too.-”rough trade”.

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