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18 maj 2009 / Peroni

Partiet som försvann?

En rabiat meningsmotståndare har försvunnit.
-Det blev en kort, men väldigt intensiv romans.

Adjö Katrineholmspartiet!
Saknaden är monstruös!  (Snyft)…


2 kommentarer

  1. Katrineholmpartiet / Maj 19 2009 11:07 f m

    No, Katrineholmpartiet is extant. Too bad you were too busy sleeping to catch my tweets with a Katrineholm politician that changed politics and journalism in Katrineholm forever.

    Now, please excuse me if I don’t write back to your blog
    because, frankly, you are too damn dumb to deal with.(screenshot made).

  2. Katrineholmpartiet / Maj 19 2009 4:36 e m

    To your ”megalomani, någon?”: Ad hominem psychological reductionism anyone? Try again kiddo.

    (Yes, I peeked at your blog ‘cause I could, so to speak, smell it’s stench over the web.)

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