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14 maj 2009 / Peroni

Peace in Our Time (part 2)

Två dagar, nu, sedan Katrineholmspartiets
number one (and only?)-guy överföll Peroni
(via kommentarsfunktionen) med, i mitt tycke,
tämligen intetsägande  inlägg.

Tänkte först radera inläggen, för ”partiets” skull,
men ändrade mig, vid närmare eftertanke, då jag
insåg att Peroni, förmodligen är den enda länk
”partiet” någonsin kommer att ha, till en kall
och bottenfrusen omvärld…

Min sentimentalitet får mig, understundom, att svämma över…
…Av godhet! Puss!

3 kommentarer

  1. Katrineholm Partiet / Maj 14 2009 3:57 e m

    From Katrineholmpartiet to the driving force behind blog Peritonitis-oops!-I mean P-e-r-o-n-i-s:

    After consulting with our advisors-and our doctors-we-not just me, myself, and I-have decided that we shall accept your humble offer of peace because, well, it’s time for our medications and that is reason enough to accept your offer of peace. Besides, fellow mental patients must stick together. Now, I have to get back to my game of chess with fellow Karsudden patient ”Tiny Jim” so that’s the end of this missive!

  2. Katrineholm Partiet / Maj 14 2009 4:19 e m

    But wait! I notice you used the word ”överföll” in your post above. First of all, you came to our blog and made ridiculous comments on your blog about it. That sort of sniveling requires ”correction”. Also, you must drop this ”local trait” of playing victim when you, in fact, are the perpetrator. Besides, it is unmanly for you to play the poor pitiful ”victim”. I realize it probably doesn’t bother you to appear unmanly given ”the local trait” of appeasment, fawning, and even passive-aggressive features of ”the local psyche” since ”locals” became ”neutered” after World War II after kissing up to the ”power to the South” to keep from being overrun while Danish and Norwegian neighbors proved themselves to be, well, for lack of a better phrase, ”real men”.

    Please do keep all my comments because, rest assured, I keep a record of yours for entertainment purposes.

    By the way, can you provide some commentary on this? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internment_camps_in_Sweden_during_World_War_II

    Just like FDR’s camps, Bush’s camp in Cuba, it appears ”locals” had camps-without trials for prisoners it seems-for ”those they did not like”. What say ye about that? I ask because you seem an expert on ”local matters”.

  3. Katrineholmpartiet / Maj 15 2009 12:57 e m

    ”Lesson” not required. Here’s an aphorism for you instead:

    Never start a shit fight with a man who owns and trains the elephant’s ass.

    Ponder that aphorism and embrace it and then-maybe- you’ll learn to be careful about what you begin, your choice of words, and those with whom you shall verbally joust for no useful purpose beyond your own ego. Think, young man, think.

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