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09 maj 2009 / Peroni

Mission: Ny image till USA

USA behöver förbättra sin image: hur skulle du göra det?”
Den frågan skickade Paper magazine ut till
15 vassa kommunikatörer.

I briefen till kreatörerna skriver Paper magazine-redaktören
Kim Hastreiter bland annat att:
”As the times we are living in are so radical, I think radical ideas are needed to
help save our proverbial asses and to create a new path forward into what I like to
call the ”new normal”.

The best part of being in deep shit is that with it comes a unique opportunity
for progressive thinking because the status quo is desperate.

Se alla bidragen och läs motiveringarna här.

Resultatet blev varierande och underhållande.
Bland annat med detta som jag kallar ”Chebama”:


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  1. Katrineholmpartiet / Maj 12 2009 12:21 e m

    Just remember ”beeatch”: No USA = no computers, no Internet and, thus, no punks like you with an object upon which to spend time mouthing off to other punks like yourself about a place you’re too dumb to be given a green card.

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